Are you ready to be your true authentic sexual self?

My coaching style is sex positive, confident, healthy, real, honest, and straight to the point. My communicative approach helps you open up, expose and unleash your vulnerable side. Are you ready to live a life you never thought was possible?


"Resa is the best - she has the experience, the patience, the sense of humor, professionalism, and passion for what she does." 

-Karen D.

"She is the perfect person to teach sensitive subjects to women- with enthusiasm, candidness, and technique.  did i already say FUN! will reap the benefits."

-Tonia S.

"I can't even begin to describe how amazing and different I have felt since I started doing this. I have never felt more confident and more sexy." 

-Holly C.

"I would recommend her if you are looking to spice up your relationship, learn something new, have fun or want a confidence boost. She makes you feel really comfortable and everything really easy to learn."

-Sophia Y.

"Very professional, approachable, funny & open - an excellent instructor all around.  Every single girl at my party said it was the best bachelorette they'd ever been to! Woot woot!"

-Liz L.



Dr. Resa's Favorite Sexy Things