Masturbation Monday!

What are you doing today to start your week off on a sexy note? Today is masturbation Monday, and a great day to take time and enjoy yourself. I would love to hear your stories on self care, self love, and steps in becoming your true authentic sexual self!
Do you take an hour out of your day just for yourself? Have you ever masturbated, or learned to enjoy your free body and vessel? What are some reasons why you are not taking time to learn and love your mind and body? If you love yourself first, you will be in such a better place to live your life passionately and share your love with others. Doesn't that sound lovely and easy?
It's not an easy road to break down walls and change your daily life, but if nothing changes... nothing changes. Are you really happy with your life right now? What would you do different to make your life more pleasurable?
I have my own challenges, anxieties, and excuses to not masturbate daily, or take an hour for me. When I do take that hour off for me, I am more balanced, happy, and connected to myself and who I want to become. Time for ourselves is precious, special, and worth it.
Remember you are sexy, confident, and courageous. Aren't you excited to see what's next in your cherished life?! Right now, take 3 sexy breathes, stand tall, stretch your body, smile, and enjoy this sexy, beautiful Monday.
Dr. Resa

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