I followed my heart and created my own journey of sexual self acceptance by learning, loving and enjoying every moment of it. Let’s find your authentic self and start living your Greatest Version…

A Native of Los Angeles, I have traveled and explored the world, now calling New York City my new home. Shy, introverted and plagued by low self esteem, I was lacking in self confidence.

I was teased mercilessly as a child and despite having a supportive family, I felt lost and alone. This all changed when I turned 15.

After returning from a trip to Italy with my art class, my confidence and self esteem blossomed. I started to emerge as a confident and self assured young woman. Living in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by people who invested a lot in their outward appearance. That is extremely daunting for any young woman battling self esteem issues and trying to find herself. I got through High School and enrolled in San Diego State University to study business and marketing.

It was at SDSU that my interest in human sexuality first emerged. With my newfound self confidence, I put myself through undergrad as an exotic dancer. I found it very empowering and that did wonders for my self confidence. My newly heightened sexual awareness peaked my interest and made me think of how I could share my experiences to help other people who were going through the same types of struggles that I went through.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from SDSU and decided to start a business teaching every-day women how to incorporate dancing and striptease into their lives. I also produced DVDs based on my classes.

I wasn’t particularly ashamed or scared of my body, but I definitely spent a lot of time in my head. Despite being a dancer with high self esteem and being in tune with my body, I didn’t have have my first orgasm until I was 31.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve taught hundreds of classes and workshops. I have also hosted many events and parties revolving around sexuality and personal awareness. Women come to learn particular moves and ways to express themselves through dance, but it’s clear that they are searching for more. We talk about sex in an open, non-judgmental way. The information and advice I provide, enables people to walk away with greater education and self-confidence. In addition, they often begin building a supportive community with other people who want each other to thrive.

I realized that what I absolutely loved about the work I was doing in these classes was talking to people about sex, relationships, and confidence. I wanted to help them discover and explore their true sexual selves and guide them on a path toward loving themselves completely. I decided to take my career to the next level, so I enrolled at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, (IASHS), in San Francisco. In 2015, I received my Doctorate in Human Sexuality as well as certificates in sex education, clinical sexology, and erotology. I am board certified by the American College of Sexologists, (ACS).

Over the years, I have learned to communicate, build confidence and truly love myself. I can finally say that I am happy, healthy, sexual and enjoying life to the fullest. I want to share all that I’ve learned with others, in the hopes that everyone can embrace the greatest version of themselves.

I am now truly passionate about all aspects of my life: travel, animals, friends and family. I am truly your girl next door who emerged happy, healthy, well-adjusted and confident. I have faced and overcome many of the same obstacles you may be dealing with now. I would love to help you become your true authentic self. You have nothing to lose except your inhibitions. Will you let me help you? xoxo Dr. Resa Sexy Sexologist