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Do you know your medical history? Your sexual medical history? When was the last time you saw a doctor? Do you have health insurance? When’s the last time you got tested for HIV/STD’s? What kind of birth control do you use?


How I approach my life and my coaching style is: sex positive, confident, healthy, real, honest, and straight to the point. Have you been watching my IG and FB stories? Many journeys and stories I talk about (and the hot topic lately) have involved the health care system. Is it easier to buy guns, than to see a mental health doctor? Does that make you feel safe?


The health care system, for years, has been a difficult journey for myself, and many others. I am a good citizen who pays taxes, an independent contractor, and I have always had health insurance that I pay out of my own pocket every month. I have put hundreds of dollars a month, and 1000s of dollars over the years for procedures that are not fully covered with most health insurances. I have pre-existing conditions (anxiety and stomach gut issues), which raised my rates. As a result, I was denied any other insurance (this was before Obamacare). Then, the pharmaceuticals really screw us in the ass.


It just feels like, more and more, America does not care about people after they are born. Only the fetus, the unborn, matters. NO, I matter! I am important, and this country should be concerned about myself and others. Who is taking over this country? Wake up America!! The rich, the powerful, and the controlling ones are taking over through religion and politics, and they are doing a good job. What are we going to do about it? We need to bring sexy back to America! It is the end of the year, so let's stay healthy and sexy!


Remember, we are all here from an orgasm, so let’s start masturbating and connecting with ourselves, one orgasm at at time.


Xoxo 💋

Dr. Resa 

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