Sex Coaching

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My coaching style is sex positive, confident, healthy, real, honest, and straight to the point. My communicative approach helps you open up, expose and unleash your vulnerable side. You can start living a life you never thought was possible. I ask you to be as honest as you can during our sessions. We will face things together, and I will hold a safe, comfortable and non-judgment space for you to focus on your sexuality. There will be times that I challenge you to think differently, and it may be uncomfortable for a moment. However, pushing you to explore more deeply will ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Are you ready to discover your true sexual self? Know yourself inside and out? Are you ready to go deeply inward, explore your innermost thoughts, and figure out how you really feel? Are you ready to know, really know, your own body? I love to work with intelligent, positive and committed individuals and couples who are ready to explore their true sexual selves right now. I help individuals and couples achieve their goals by learning skills including how to:

  • Identify and overcome your concerns, feelings of shame, and any inhibitions that prevent you from enjoying a more fulfilling and healthier sex life

  • Explore your passions and desires to find and be the real you

  • Build confidence and self esteem by loving yourself first

  • Develop respect and love for your body just as it is in this moment

  • Learn the art of self pleasure and the path to mind-blowing orgasms

  • Improve your communication skills so you can talk openly and honestly about your sexuality

  • Explore your sexual attitudes, values, and practices

  • Move through sexual shame and guilt, unlock barriers to your happiness

  • Ask for what you want, say no to what you don’t want – and still feel good about doing so (in the bedroom and beyond)

  • Build a healthy sexual relationship with yourself and others

  • Experience diverse modes of intimacy beyond traditional sex styles

  • Discover simple yet powerful new ways to transform how you give, receive and experience touch and pleasure

  • Generate and cultivate more sexual arousal

  • Redefine and increase your sexual satisfaction

  • Embrace more sexual freedom in your life

  • Tackle specific issues like safer sex, low desire, erectile dysfunction, and more

  • Explore alternative relationship and sexual styles including non-monogamy, polyamory, swinging, kink, fetish play, and BDSM

If you are motivated, ready, excited, and passionate about these goals and more…If you want to make changes in your life and find your real core happiness… If you’re ready to start living the sexual life you want and deserve, get in touch with me now and start your journey to sexual freedom.

Individual & Couples Coaching available.

Telephone and Video Chat Coaching makes it possible for me to coach worldwide, and avoids any travel costs and inconvenience for you.

Looking for a quick answer to your sex & relationship questions? If telephone and or video chat coaching doesn’t work with your schedule I can also answer questions and provide email support between sessions for a fee. I give individualized coaching assignments for clients. Generally, for optimal results I ask clients to mentally and financially commit to 6-8 weeks of work together as a preferred minimum time frame. I sometimes make exceptions when it’s clear someone only needs 1 or 2 sessions. Thank you for your time and looking forward to connecting and learning more.


After I receive the payment I will send you a sexual history questionnaire. This will help me get to know you and your needs in order to create an action plan for this new and exciting chapter in your life.