Striptease 101 Online Video Course

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How To Striptease for your Partner
In this Striptease 101 DVD series, professional striptease dancer and teacher Dr. Resa brings years of experience into your home to help you build your confidence and

With step-by-step instruction, you will soon find yourself
able to combine all of Resa's sexy moves into a sultry striptease for your
partner. Learn to do spicy hip-rolls, sexy squats and sensual crawl
combinations with the confidence of a professional. Resa makes it all
happen in the comfort of your living room or bedroom. This instructional
DVD is for every woman of every age, shape and size. And while you will achieve 
the full strengthening and toning benefits of exercise, you won't even notice the 
workout! Most importantly, these techniques will help you to work on the important 
element of feeling sexy and strong within--thereby raising your self-confidence and 
self-esteem. Once you have learned these sexy moves, Resa helps you to make the fantasy a reality by teaching you how to create sensuality in your home, your clothing choices and your evening plans. This DVD includes:

*The Walk
*Hip Rolls
*Straight Leg
*Sneaky Peaks
*Crawl and Crawl Combinations
*Floor Routines
*Plus More

Full Video 32 Minutes