Lap Dance 101 Online Video Course

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In the second DVD of the E by Resa Series, professional dancer and teacher, Dr. Resa, helps you to focus on the basic sensual dance techniques that will help you create a sexy lap dance for your partner.
With Resa's step-by-step instruction, your sensual skills and confidence will be heating up your love life in no time.

Learn seductive pelvic thrusts, sexy straddles and the exotic body slide. This DVD is for every woman of every age, shape and size. And while you will achieve the full strengthening and toning benefits of exercise, you won't even notice the workout! Resa's instruction helps you to become more connected to your partner and more empowered in your sexuality. With additional help in completing the perfect fantasy for you mate (through simple clothing and home suggestions) this instructional DVD is sure to spice up your love life and bring play back into your bedroom. This DVD includes:

*The Walk
*Lap Dancing Moves
*Pelvic Thrusts
*Body Slide
*Plus More

Full Video 57 Minutes